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Welcome to Multiwood

Multiwood ApS was founded in 2006 by Jens Gudmund Hansen. We are located in beautiful, green surroundings in South Funen.

Multiwood mainly deals with the export of decorative greenery and Christmas trees from its own plantations. We are currently a small team consisting of five people, each with considerable expertise and passion for growing Christmas trees. We all take pride in the fact that production, logistics and management work as part of a big team effort. It is important that our surroundings are well presented and that our customers find visiting Multiwood to be an instructive and enjoyable experience.

Our office is located at Sønderhjørnevej 8, 5600 Faaborg and our warehouses are located at Sønderhjørnevej 6 and Dyndkrogvej 5, 5600 Faaborg.

In total, we have 160 hectares of leased and owned land dedicated to growing Christmas trees and decorative greenery.

A bit about our history...

In the early years, Multiwood mainly dealt with the export of flowers and Christmas trees. But as time went on, the interest in Christmas trees and decorative greenery grew, and this increasingly became where efforts were focused.

In the summer of 2008, Gudmund Hansen decided to expand the staff a bit. Linda Vitten was subsequently employed to deal with administrative tasks and various ad hoc jobs. At the same time, new premises were built, consisting of an office and a warehouse with its own loading area.

As the years passed, options opened up for more Christmas tree plantations so Multiwood needed to further expand its staff. In 2011, Daniel Dézsi was employed as a production manager. He was tasked with maintaining the plantations around Funen. Subsequently, Mojzi Zsolt was appointed as a production assistant in 2014.

Last but not least, Arturas Gataveckas was employed at the start of 2017 - also as a production assistant. The three of them work really well as a team, with each of them taking pride in optimising production​


​Over the years, we have also employed a couple of trainees at Multiwood. They started their apprenticeships in 2013 and 2015 respectively, and alternated between practical training and tuition at the Forest and Landscape College.

One apprentice was fully trained as a forestry technician and the other as a forestry technician assistant, before going on to study to be a gamekeeper.


As mentioned, Multiwood takes great pride in ensuring that the plantations receive optimal treatment in order to get the largest and best possible yield from the land. We found the approach we developed over the years to be extremely interesting and decided to apply it in other contexts. This has given us considerable experience and know-how in the industry.

So today, we focus all the collective strength and knowledge of our team mainly on the export of Christmas trees.

We work with our own trees – right from when they are very small and just being planted – and with all the crop maintenance that Christmas trees require during the growing season to get the best results as well as with the harvest and the huge logistical effort that characterises this period.

We offer advice and guidance to other Christmas tree plantations, and we carry out various crop maintenance tasks for other Christmas tree suppliers as well.

Multiwood is always ready and waiting, and we would be delighted to have you visit us in South Funen.

No job is too big...

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Gudmund Hansen

Mobil: +45 2033 0359


Sale & purchase


Gudmund Hansen

Mobil: +45 2033 0359


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Mojzi Zsolt

Sønderhjørnevej 8

DK-5600 Fåborg/Bøjden

Tlf: +45 6476 1100

Forest worker

Artuas Gataveckas


Linda Vitten

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